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An Easy Guide To Finding Your Skin Type

 An Easy Guide To Finding Your Skin Type

Everyone has a skin type—understanding yours should be simple, right? Wrong! Skin type is one of beauty’s biggest enigmas. It’s that vague, wordy identifier that dermatologists and facialists say should dictate everything you do in your skincare routine, from your cleanser and your moisturiser to what types of fancy-schmancy masks work for you. And turns out, most people don’t even know what theirs is. That might be you! Glad you’re here.

Finding out your particular skin type matters—because every product you use on your face should be tailored to the type of skin you have there. Use the wrong product and you may very well end up with the reverse result you were looking to achieve. So before you pick your products, you’ve got to gather some data. To help out, let us break down and examine seven different skin types for your diagnostic pleasure. Read, find out your type, and then consider reassessing your Top Shelf. Below each skin type is a suggested routine—as always, make sure to apply SPF as your final step. Let’s dive right in:

Dry Skin: Feeling tight? Experiencing flakiness? Welcome to the dry skin club. Combat discomfort with hydrating cleansers featuring aloe or hyaluronic acid. Boost your moisture levels by mixing a nourishing face oil into your moisturiser. Beware of drying culprits like alcohol-based cleansers and harsh weather.

Oily Skin: Shiny T-zone? Congrats, you're oily! Combat excess oil with clay-based cleansers and balancing serums. Incorporate balancing face oils (like the Sweet Facial Oil) to regulate oil production and keep pesky breakouts at bay to your daily routine. Avoid overly drying products to prevent rebound oil production.

Combination Skin: The mullet of skincare—dry in some areas, oily in others. Balance the dual nature of combination skin with gentle cleansers and hydrating face oils. Opt for water gel moisturisers and clay masks for targeted treatment. It’s extra important that you adjust your routine seasonally to address changing needs, taking cues from the dry/oily skin tips above.

Breakout-Prone Skin: Blackheads, whiteheads, oh my! Keep your routine minimal yet effective to soothe and clarify troubled skin. Double cleanse to unclog pores and moisturise accordingly. You can combat breakouts with salicylic acid cleansers and pimple patches for extra TLC.

Sensitive and Reactive Skin: You’re a delicate petal! Keep your routine minimal and avoid irritating ingredients. Instead, choose fragrance-free cleansers and calming plant-based oils. Embrace soothing serums and cold compresses for relief. 

Resilient Skin: Blessed with balance? We’re jealous! Embrace versatility with a wide array of products suited to normal skin. Experiment with serums and treatments to address any specific concerns you may have. 

Mature Skin: Fine lines? Sun spots? Ageing is a natural part of life’s process. Prioritise adding hydration through a face oil and incorporating retinol to stimulate collagen production and diminish fine lines. Embrace monthly peels and moisturising masks for rejuvenation. Consult your dermatologist for tailored advice.


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